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Solar energy has never been more affordable. At Living Skies Solar, we are passionate about contributing to Canada's transition to renewable energy. We work closely with provincial utility providers to secure government rebates and make the solar ownership dreams of our customers' a reality. Specializing in all types of systems, we will find one that works for you.

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Local SOlar rebates


Attractive rebates and solar programs are offered in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba and we're committed to helping our customers take full advantage of them.


SaskPower Rebate

Saskatchewan's primary energy provider, SaskPower provides customers with a one-time rebate equivalent to 20% solar equipment and installation costs to a maximum of $20,000.

Manitoba Rebate

Known to be the best rebate of its kind in Canada, Manitoba Hydro covers $1.00 per DC watt, up to $200,000. Financing options available for systems up to 10kW(DC).


Our Projects

We are committed to providing our customers with an unrivaled solar experience. We are passionate about what we do and believe strongly in providing a superior product at the best possible price. Whether you have a residential home, farm or business, our dedicated staff will work with you to find a system that best suits your unique needs.

To see our work, check out our project gallery.


Why go solar?

Loan payments for a solar system typically equal electricity savings, even in the initial years. When you consider that electricity rates increase every year and that systems have 25-30 years of warranty, the savings become substantial. With the best climate for solar in the country and electricity rates spiraling out of control, the opportunity is too good to pass up.

Save Money

The lifetime cost of solar electricity is approximately 50% of the current electricity rate.

Fix your energy costs

In owning a solar system, you have protected yourself from any future power rate increases.

Own your power

Rather than relying on your utility provider, own the power within your home and guarantee yourself at least 15 years of free electricity.

Feel Good

Investing in clean, renewable solar power rather than using conventional forms is arguably the most positive thing that someone could do to lessen their ecological footprint.


Environmental Impact

Installing 15 kW of solar is equvalent to:



400 tons of CO2


10,000 trees


1,500 tons of waste


500,000 pounds of burned coal


12,000,000 gallons of hydro power


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A quick conversation with you is all we need to get started on your free estimate. We'll discuss your energy usage, and take a look at your property through satellite imagery.

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